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Iraq has achieved major advances towards creating an investment friendly environment in all its economic, legislative, organizational and legal components.
in addition to a substantial package of incentives and guarantees offered to foreign companies.

There are numerous opportunities in Iraq, International companies have ample opportunity to take full advantage of prospects and opportunities in Iraq
This is via establishing joint venture/Partnership with national companies or private- local- based firms.

Therefore; we would like to mobilize your services to Iraq and very much optimistic to represent your company in country as your official representation agents.
Health Care : This option provides the client with a fully comprehensive service from inception to completion thereby ensuring the shortest time for delivery and also minimizing the risk of delays and cost increases. Following completion and commissioning META Group is able to provide operation and management services should these be required. .....more
Constructions : META Group is a leading construction management and general construction company. We offer a variety of commercial construction services including design- build construction, general construction and renovation, and custom metal building services for project both large and small......more
umbrella : Since inception, META Group has remained true to their core belief that mutually profitable businesses relationships are built from a solid foundation of understanding the requirements of the Client. 
By employing a transparent  and focused approach to the often chaotic world of Agents, Suppliers and Brokers.....more
Be Our Partner : We will be quite happy to work with your sovereignty. And will always make our concerted effort to provide professional and reliable business methods to find your contentment and satisfaction.

Our goal is to serve and assist to highest quality and satisfaction services.

Defiantly, we seek soon in meeting with your respected company and illustrate main essential related subjects for both parties interest.
I am positive that we will find business with your sovereignty and excellent cooperation between us.....more
To our partners
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